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Hotel Manager in Hospitality

The International Hospitality Academy is proud to introduce you to the Hotel Manager in Hospitality and Restaurant program. Two years devoted to the most prestigious hospitality figure. The access to the program is very selective since the responsibilities that such a job requires are plentiful.

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Hygiene, order and the room perfume are often given for granted. Nonetheless, these are key factors during the decision making process of a hotel. That is why we believe it is fundamental for our students to learn the housekeeping job, which has to be done with dedication, passion and transparency.

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SPA and Wellness Management

Taking care of your body and soul has never been as important as nowadays. Lots of hotel institutions are investing in wellness centers and SPAs. However, why are the majority of them managed by external companies and therefore why are they rented out?

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Room Division Manager Course

The core business of many large and small hotels are in the hands of this  professional figure. Usually it evolves within the receiving department where he acquired all the necessary experience to coordinate, monitor and support all areas that touch the rooms department.

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Front Office

The Receptionist service now internationally known as Front Office, is one of the Hospitality business's pillars. The first contact to the customer takes place at the front desk, where not only the receptionist's smile and attitude represent the company,but by the ability to create with the client that first important approach it can determine the customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction itself.

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Maintenance Service

All the best hotels have behind a maintenance and gardening service and both efficient and prepared. Many schools teach students for a specific sector, but this is insufficient to be able to get in a hotel maintenance team and be able to offer a good level of professionality. In our course you will cover all the necessary actions to be able to maintain in perfect condition all the systems.

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The International Hospitality Academy

is proud to open the door and welcome the new students of today as the best professionals of tomorrow.

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